About Me

Jackson Welter | Audio Engineer | Banjo Player | Voice-over Actor | Coffee

I’m Jackson Welter, an audio production engineer with a passion for crafting compelling sound experiences. I have experience in music production, foley soundscaping, and live sound, I’ve honed my skills in both the creative and technical aspects of audio engineering.
In addition to my audio work, I’ve also explored other creative fields. As a voice-over actor, I’ve lent my voice to various projects, including promotional work, audiobooks, and animated shorts. I’ve also pursued photography, finding inspiration in the visual arts, and picked up the banjo, exploring the world of bluegrass and folk music.
One of the things that sets me apart from other audio engineers is my background as a global nomad. I grew up moving from country to country, living in diverse cultures and learning different languages. Along the way, I’ve come to appreciate the richness and beauty of the world’s many cultures and languages, and I’ve made it a point to stay connected to them.
Over the years, I have learned Arabic, Japanese, and French and I’ve traveled and lived extensively throughout the Pacific Basin, the Far East, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. I’ve experienced firsthand the ways in which sound and music can bridge cultural divides and create shared experiences. I consider myself a cultural chameleon, able to adapt and thrive in diverse environments.
Finally, I have the unique advantage of being a dual citizen of both the United States and Luxembourg — giving me the ability to live and work in either the European Union or the United States.
If you’re looking for an audio production engineer who can bring a unique perspective to your project, let’s connect! I’m always excited to collaborate with fellow creatives and push the boundaries of what’s possible with sound.